The island dispute between Japan and China has led to the reduction of flights between the two countries. Many Chinese airlines have reduced their flights to Japan due to the tensions over the Diaoyu Islands.

Shanghai based ‘Spring Airlines’ has also reduced tickets between Shanghai and the Japanese prefectures of Saga and Kagawa. The Saga prefecture largely depends on Chinese tourists to boost its economy, but in recent times the disputes between the two countries have resulted in a sharp decrease in the number of passengers on flights headed to Japan.

Now the governments of the prefectures have decided to support the initiative, and will be offering about 50 reduced tickets for each flight between Shanghai and Saga beginning on October 22, 2012. According to our reports, every flight will have 180 passengers. The local government of Saga, in a news conference said that travelers between Shanghai and Saga should board the flight with confidence.

The price of tickets from Shanghai to Saga or Kagawa will cost 560 yuan. If the tickets are bought in Japan, they will cost 1 yen. The new low cost ticket campaign will last up to December 20, 2012, and a total of 12 flights per week will be operated by China’s only budget airline. The people of the disputed islands will hope that the issue gets resolved at the earliest, as business is getting affected on both sides as a result of the disagreement.


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