US based software giant Microsoft, has unveiled the specifications of its much awaited Surface tablet on October 16, 2012. The company revealed that the Microsoft Surface tablet will be available for pre-order starting 9 am. The device will start shipping and will go on sale at the Microsoft stores on October 26, 2012.

The new tablet will feature a 10.6 inch screen and a pop-put kick stand for the 32 GB version. The 32 GB version is the base model and has been priced at $499, which will not include the company’s innovative Touch Cover. The 32 GB version with the Touch Cover will cost $599.

The 64 GB version comes along with the Touch Cover and will start at $699. Customers can purchase the Touch Cover separately at $119.99 and comes in different colors such as blue, red, white and magenta.

The tablet has been priced to compete with Apple’s iPad, but the Surface is more expensive than what was initially expected. Steven Sinofsky, the President of Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Live division said, “We wanted a base package that would let people enter the tablet market. It’s highly competitive”. Sinofsky also said that they know what the prices of its competitors are, and that Microsoft knows that this is a better deal.


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