Japanese auto maker Nissan Motors has introduced new safety features for its vehicles. Electronic steering, which completely bypasses the mechanical link of the clutch, is one of these new safety features from Nissan.

Mitsuhiko Yamashita, the executive vice president of Nissan Motors said that the latest safety advancements are proactive, and the other features like airbags are passive; they are triggered when the car is in an accident. The new steering system uses electronic signals which control the tires and not a mechanical link.

The new technology will be introduced in the Infinity Luxury model within a year. The car will also become the world’s first commercially produced car with the new steering features. For the auto industry, the latest technology is a huge innovation in terms of steering, since the introduction of power steering, which uses hydraulics to make the turning of the wheels smoother.

According to the executives of Nissan, electronic steering is safer, as drivers tend to overcompensate on steering in situations like when they are travelling in harsh winds. The executives also said that electronic steering also gives a psychological sense of security to the drivers, which also contributes to safety, as stress is also one of the major causes behind road accidents. The company said that with the new technology, the steering mechanism is now fine-tuned, and bumpy roads are easier to drive on.


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