Beverage giant Coca-Cola, through its Coca-Cola Japan Reconstruction Fund, have donated five school buses to the Iwate Prefectural government. The buses have been donated so they can be used in coastal areas, which were hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The buses have been donated to the three prefectural high schools Kuji Higashi High School, Taneishi High School and Ofunato Higashi high school. The buses have also been donated to special support schools known as the Miyako School for Children with Disabilities and the Kesen Koryo School for Special Needs Education.

The buses have been donated after the prefectural government requested funds. The government had requested assistance for young people who will in turn help the local fisheries industry, which had suffered tremendous damage after the earthquake.

The buses donated are mid-sized models which have the capacity to carry about 45 passengers, and will run between the schools and coastal areas. The buses which have been donated for special schools will have special facilities for the disabled such as wheelchair lifts, and will have a capacity to carry 53 people. The fund bore the cost of 100 million yen to supply the buses to the prefectures. Coca-Cola said that the fund has an objective of undertaking activities to help the community rejuvenate.


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