Career information site ‘Minshu Link Service’ has been launched by Minshu on ‘Minshu Diary’. The new service is a word-of-mouth career information site and will be operated by Rakuten. The new website is unique for Minshu and will allow people to participate with their real names and discuss about issues related to career or jobs.

This is the first business career SNS for Japan’s university students, which has been developed by Minshu. The service will allow the participants to communicate with people, who have already been promised employment.

The participants can also directly communicate with corporate recruiters regarding their jobs, careers and companies. The service will advertise names of the members through word-of –mouth between students.

This will increase the prospects of students to secure a job for themselves in the future. After the revision of the ethics charter in 2011, the permissible time-frame for a student to find a job has been shortened. The new service will provide a platform for the students where they can increase their future prospects before they even start finding a job. This will also encourage the early cultivation of career awareness. Rakuten, while talking about the service said that it will help to take away the anxiety of job hunting and will also provide students an opportunity to advance their career at an early age.


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