India’s Spice Group is looking to China’s Huawei Technologies to help it reach its goal of selling 10 million handsets for the fiscal year ending June 2013. Spice Group plans on co-branding their phones with Huawei in order to boost sales.

Bhupendra Kumar Modi, who is the Chairman of the Spice Group has mentioned that Spice would be allowing Huawei to leverage their stores and in return the Chinese company will be providing research and development for the Indian conglomerate.

Spice has been planning a range of co-branded phones for release in the near future, including teaming up with Google to launch Android based handsets with 2G Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities. The Indian company also plans on launching up to 10 co-branded handsets in the near future with the Huawei deal starting the proceedings with a target of 1 million handsets for the current fiscal year.

Modi went on to say that Spice is aiming to increase their global coverage with the help of these partnerships as more than 50 percent of their overall revenue comes from international markets. As of June 30, 2012 revenue for Spice has crossed USD 1 billion according to Modi.

According to reports, the mobile manufacturer is also planning on expanding its presence in existing markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India and parts of Africa.


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