Japanese based computer manufacturer Fujitsu will launch the new Floral Kiss Brand of FMV personal computers on November 2, 2012. The new range of computers from Fujitsu are aimed at their female customers.

With the new release, Fujitsu aims to bring in female customers, by creating elegant stylized computers. The new range has been designed by female employees at the computer manufacturing firm. Under the new Floral Kiss brand, the Ultrabook is set to be released as the first PC, which has been developed in the pursuit of elegance.

The aim for the company was to create every aspect of the computer to be elegant, including the size and design, accessories, mouse, AC adapter,  applications and other peripherals. The notebook PC will feature the latest Windows 8 OS, with a high performance 3rd generation Intel Core i5 processor and a 500 GB hard disk.

The specifications of the notebook have been integrated to make sure that they are user friendly. The new computer series will also feature a model which has been designed by the jewelry brand ‘Agete’. The model will be displayed at many ‘Agete’ shops. In recent years it has been found that woman account for nearly half of PC purchases, as a result the Floral Kiss Project has been launched, which aims at creating PC’s that women may find more appealing.


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