Indian airline carrier Kingfisher Airlines has failed to respond to the deadline of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), as a result the DGCA has now suspended the license of the airline as of October 20, 2012. The problem-prone airline has had its fleet grounded from October 1, 2012. .

The flight carrier was given a deadline of October 20, 2012 to come up with a viable financial plan, if it was to keep its flying licence; the DGCA had also issued a show cause notice on October 5, 2012 to the airline which is owned by Vijay Mallya.

Kingfisher Airlines was requested by the DGCA to provide reasons for it to keep its licence, as during the last ten months the airline has been abruptly cancelling its flight schedules and has caused great inconvenience to its passengers.

The airline company has once again issued a statement saying that it has extended its lockout till October 23, 2012. The statement also said that they have had a positive meeting with their employees, and are hopeful of reaching common ground in a meeting next week. According to official sources, the airline now cannot resume operations till it received a nod from the DGCA.

Kingfisher has said that they would need more time to respond to the DGCA notice, but are yet to mention a time-frame.


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