Till date, software giant Microsoft Corp. used to launch its software in the world market, leaving the decision on how to sell its products up to retailers. This time however, the company will also be taking the responsibility of its sales into its own hands.

The company’s latest operating software will go on sale from October 26, 2012 and it will be dictating how its computers must be displayed in big box stores. The US giant also intends to double its retail locations and will be opening ‘pop-up’ stores this week, mostly in shopping malls. The pop up stores will directly be selling to its customers in the US, and will help to showcase its products, which includes the new Surface tablet.

Microsoft is also adopting more strategies by displaying every computer in BestBuy Co. and other US retailers. The tech company will be using emails, family photos, and other personal contacts of a fictitious woman known as Allison Brown. Brown’s identity has been crafted by Microsoft to allow the demonstration of its computers get a personal feel. Microsoft and its chip partner Intel have trained thousands of retail store employees on the features of the Windows 8 OS, so as to encourage more sales of its product.


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