The State Food and Drug Administration has issued a statement on October 22, 2012, which says that China is to have guidelines on regulating the application and approval of children’s cosmetics. The statement added that with the new guidelines the safety bar have been raised for the market.

The guidelines mentioned that cosmetics which are aimed at kids who are aged 12 years or younger fall under the category of children’s cosmetics,   and that products which claim to be children’s cosmetics must have to apply for approval.

The guidelines also mention that companies must post clear and unambiguous signs on the packaging that they are cosmetics for children. The children’s cosmetics must also minimize the amount of certain ingredients in their constitution. The manufacturers must avoid or lessen the usage of resinoid, coloring agents, surface active agents and antiseptics.

Guidelines also say that the ingredients, which are designed for whitening, hair removal, drying, acne treatment or removal, deodorizing, hair waving or dying or breast care do not come under the children’s cosmetics segment. Ingredients, which are produced with genetic or nano technology are not encouraged. Before this, China did not have any testing standards or guidelines for Children’s cosmetics. Even though the guidelines have mentioned whether agents are permissible or not, they have not indicated the amounts or each ingredient.


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