South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics announced the launch of its ES 9000 LED Smart TV for the Indian market on October 23, 2012. The new TV from Samsung falls in the segment of 152 cm large screen TVs, and showcases a unique design concept with a rose gold colored finish.

Mahesh Krishnan, the vice president of consumer electronics at Samsung India said, “The ES 9000 represents superior quality, best in class performance and features in a very sophisticated and elegant design. It provides consumers with a pure immersible viewing experience”. Some of the additional features of the TV include a built-in camera within the top of the bezel, which makes it invisible when it is not in use.

The rose gold finish gives it a very unique and attractive look. The new ES 9000 contains the complete suite of Samsung’s smart TV features which include Smart Interaction, Smart Evolution and Smart Content.

The new appliance also includes Sound Share, which is one of the newest Smart TV features. The new feature automatically allows a viewer to wirelessly connect the TV’s audio output to Samsung’s Series 6 and Series 7 wireless audio-with-dock systems. The unique TV also has a dual core processor which allows customers to download and use multiple apps while browsing the web.


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