Microsoft has now started shipping its Surface Tablets according to our reports and are set to be officially launched on October 26, 2012. The UK based site of the firm said that it sold out of pre-orders for the 32 GB version of the device which runs on the RT version for Windows 8.

This also marks the entry of Microsoft in the PC hardware market, which has also posed competition for the other computer manufacturers. According to early reviews, the tablet has received mixed responses so far due to its pricing and features.

The Surface tablet with Windows RT runs on a chip manufactured by NVIDIA and is based on designs by the British company Arm Holdings. The tablet has been designed to be cheaper, and to also offer longer battery life than products which use the x86 chips, which run the full Windows 8 system.

The devices based on Windows RT can only install third party software from Microsoft’s Windows Store. Moreover, Microsoft is also planning to launch an Intel based version of the Surface which will offer the full Windows 8 system in the month of January. It also appears that there is demand for the Windows RT system, according to our reports.


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