US based online shopping giant Amazon said on October 25, 2012, that they will soon be launching a Japanese language version of their popular Kindle tablet next month. The company said that it will be launching the custom Japanese version so as to get a share of the largely untouched Japanese e-book market.

The online retailer made the announcement a day after Apple unveiled its latest iPad Mini, which is the latest product from Apple to enter the highly lucrative tablet sector.

The online retailer said in a statement, that it would begin selling 50,000 Japanese language based titles from October 25, 2012. The Kindle PaperWhite has also been available for pre-orders from October 23, 2012. The new tablet is expected to begin shipping from November 19, 2012.

The company also said that a Japanese language based Kindle app will be available for tablets, computers and smartphones from October 25, 2012. A WiFi-only PaperWhite will be priced at 8,480 yen, while the 3G equipped version will retail at 12,980 yen. The prices of both tablets are lower than what was being quoted on the US website. The new Kindle Fire HD has a 8.9 inch display which was unveiled in the US last month and will be launched in Japan in the month of December.


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