An ordinance has been passed by the Adachi Ward Assembly in Japan, which will help to deal with the problem of ‘gomi yashiki’ (houses filled with garbage or unused items), which have become a health menace in Japan.

This is first time that such an ordinance has been passed in the country, as it gives the municipal office the authority to force residents to remove all garbage from their houses. Reports said that if the residents agree to dispose their garbage, but cannot afford the cost of removal, then the Adachi Ward will provide a maximum of 1 million yen in terms of support for such cases.

If the residents refuse to dispose their garbage, then the ward can force them to get rid of their waste. According to psychologists, the gomi yashiki owners are elderly people and have some sort of mental disability which causes them to stack up garbage in their houses. If the ward comes across such people, they will also provide some mental health counselling.

A spokesperson from the ward said, that after cleaning up of the homes of people, their neighborhoods will feel like better place to live in, and this will encourage people to live there for a longer time.


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