Former Indian cricketer Sourav Ganguly had announced his retirement from international cricket four years ago, now the Indian ex-skipper has also announced that he has retired from all levels of the game and will also not play for the IPL.

Ganguly had continued to play first-class cricket for Bengal so as to stay fit for his franchise Pune Warriors. The player said, “I will be almost 41 by the time IPL-6 ends. Twenty20 is a very demanding format. It would have been very tough for the body”.

Ganguly also said that he made his intentions clear to Pune’s officials during last year’s edition of the Twenty20 series. The cricketer explained that there was a lot of responsibility on him and that he was answerable to many questions.

Ganguly shared that he had a wonderful time while playing all five seasons of the IPL, and that it gave him a second chance to keep playing top-class cricket even after quitting international cricket. The ex-skipper said that has cannot continue forever, and has requested the franchise owners not to consider him for IPL 6. When asked about his intentions on coaching, he said that there is a long time left to become one.


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