Search engine giant Google has launched a few more gadgets on October 29, 2012. Google has launched the latest line of Nexus smartphones and a larger version of 7 inch Nexus tablet. The company had started selling the 7 inch tablet in the month of July under the Nexus brand.

The Nexus 7 was also given cellular abilities along with doubled storage capacity for existing models. The Nexus 4 models are being made by the South Korean electronics giant LG, and has received a minor update to Google’s Android operating system.

Android has now powered more than 500 million devices in the world,  next year a new comprehensive upgrade known as the Key Lime Pie is expected for Android. The Android version affected by these changes are known as Jelly Bean.

The larger Nexus tablet is manufactured by Samsung Electronics and features a display screen which measures 10 inches diagonally and is about the same size as Apple’s top selling iPad. The Google Nexus devices will be competing with the other devices from companies like Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Samsung and Microsoft. Last week Microsoft launched its new Surface tablet and also launched new software for phones on Monday.


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