The Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihiko Noda said on October 29, 2012, that they will strengthen the country’s security around its coasts. The announcement was made as Chinese ships approached the waters near the disputed islands once again.

Noda, in a policy speech said, “While observing the pacifism that is a pillar of our constitution…I will make efforts in strengthening security in surrounding sea areas”. The Prime Minister added that it is unmistakable that the security environment surrounding Japan has become more serious than ever.

Noda also said that various incidents encroaching the country’s territorial and sovereign rights are occurring. The comments came from the prime minister after Japan said that it will spend 17 million yen to increase its security on Friday, as maritime confrontations continue to occur in the East China Sea.

Noda assured his countrymen that they would carry out the function of protecting their territorial lands and waters, while observing international law. On October 28, 2012, four maritime surveillance ships were spotted in territorial waters around Tokyo controlled Senkaku islands, which is known as Diaoyus in China. Even on October 29, 2012, Chinese vessels were spotted in the contiguous zone. The Chinese have moved in and out of Japan’s sovereign territory over the last two months, ever since Tokyo nationalized some of the islands.


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