The owner of a Japanese museum on October 31, 2012, said that its 400 piece art collection will soon go on sale. The museum showcases art created in countries on the 43rd parallel, which includes works of art from Salvador Dali and Joan Miro. The 69-year-old Masaru Miyata opened the N43 Degrees Museum in the year 1997. The museum was opened a decade after he had collected the art work, as he traveled through Europe, North America, Mongolia and China.

The museum was established by the collector in Kushiro, which is a city also on N43, in Hokkaido. Miyata, while talking to reporters said that he was planning to shut down the museum next month due to his age and health concerns.

The collector said, “I wanted to compare and contrast the artworks created on the same latitude”. Miyata added that he collected these items as he traveled the world over many years, due to which it is unbearable for him to let them go separately. The 69-year-old also said that he hopes that the collection is acquired as a whole, rather than in parts. The artwork on sale will include prints of 12 piece set of Dali’s ‘The Song of King Solomon’.

The collection mostly includes contemporary prints by prominent American artists such as George Segal and Josef Albers.


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