Japan based motor giant Honda Motor Co. began the sales of its new N-One car on November 2, 2012. The latest addition to the Honda stables is the third model of the new N Series mini vehicle. The sales of the new N One began after the launch of the N Box and N Box +.

The N One has been developed on the basis of the N 360 , which was the first mass produced Honda Mini passenger car, which was introduced in the market in the year 1967. The vehicle also inherits Honda’s M/M (man maximum, machine maximum) ideology, a concept which was the starting point of Honda’s automobile design.

The features of the N One include a spacious cabin which can accommodate four adults, improved acceleration, stable driving performance, as well as excellent quietness even during highway driving. The silent engine has been adopted due to the car’s light weight and highly rigid body with an exclusively developed suspension. The N One also delivers excellent fuel economy, giving 27 km/l.

The N One features an emergency stop signal system as a standard equipment on all types, this is a first in terms of mini vehicles which are currently in the market. Along with the N One, a higher grade model is also being released, known as the N One premium, which features a higher quality exterior and interior.


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