China based computer manufacturer Lenovo, has made India its first over-seas smartphone market. The company has launched five Android handsets in the country, which are priced between US $120 and US $530.

The new handsets have been rolled out in South India and Gujarat. Amar Babu, the managing director of Lenovo India said that the phones will be available in the rest of the country whithin the next six months. The company has faced success in terms of smartphones in the Chinese market, and is expecting the same success to continue in the Indian market.

Vice President of the Lenovo Mobile Internet and Digital Home Business Group, JD Howard said, “Lenovo has built a solid and successful mobile phone business in China, reaching the number two position in the smartphone category in less than 18 months.” The five handsets have been priced between Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 28,000 and will be available at Lenovo’s exclusive stores in India.

The company has been facing a slowdown in sales of its PC’s in recent years and its sales margins are also increasingly coming under pressure. With the launch of the new smartphones, it would be a fresh start for Lenovo to revive and make a name for itself in the smartphone market.

Lenovo is pushing the ‘PC + era’, where the PC becomes a part of user’s digital life and can be supported by secondary devices such as smartphones and tablets.


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