Japan based Rakuten bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp and Rakuten Edy will be launching a new e-money application service. With the new service, Edy accounts can be charged directly from bank accounts .

The new application is expected to be put in production from November 13, 2012. The new Edy Application has been provided by Rakuten Edy, and will be compatible with conventional mobile phones and Android smartphones as well.

The new application also provides services where the users can earn Rakuten Super points by using Edy. Earlier, Edy could only be charged from accounts using applications provided by various banks. Now Edy can be charged with the help of a Rakuten ID or pre-registered credit card. The ID can also be used to charge cell phones and smartphones from bank accounts which have been designated by the user.

The new service will also allow the current credit card auto charge function, which can be used through bank accounts. With the help of the new service, users will get more charging options and this will also eliminate the problem of running out of available funds while shopping. An advanced payment service will allow immediate use of money that has been charged to Edy from bank accounts. The expansion of the service has been commissioned to make bank accounts more convenient to use with the Edy service.


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