Gangnam Style by South Korean pop sensation Psy has become the second most watched YouTube video of all time. On YouTube the video has already crossed more than 620 million hits as the rapper continues to rock the world with his music.

The rapper is popularly known as Park Jae Sang and has gained international fame after ‘Gangnam Style’ became popular throughout the world after it debuted in the month of July with its goofy signature dance movies, which mimic riding a horse.

On November 2, 2012, the rapper ousted singer Jennifer Lopez’s popular dance hit ‘On The Floor’ from second place. However, the video is still behind Canadian pop sensation Justin Beiber’s  ‘Baby’, which has scored more than 795 million hits. The head of YouTube’s South Korean branch John Hirai said in a news conference in Seoul that Psy would leave behind the Canadian teen sensation on YouTube’s most watched list in a month.

Hirai said that the secret lies in the speed in which the singer has uploaded a sequel video on his official website. The singer has also uploaded the making of the video and interviews for users, who are wanting to know more about him and his popular ‘Gangnam Style’. Moreover, Psy has also remained at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 music chart in the US.


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