The Communist Party of China (CPC) will be electing new top leaders on November 8, 2012. The leaders who are elected at the 18th CPC National Congress will have to face enormous challenges, but will have the benefit of inheriting great wealth from past success.

Over the past decade, the CPC have managed China very well, bringing the nation back to the center of world affairs; a feat that is praiseworthy, even by the skeptical Western media.

In 1840, the Opium war Western powers had crashed China’s presence in world affairs; however the CPC has ensured that China has regained her previous momentum by becoming the world’s second largest economy. China has also become the owner of the highest foreign exchange reserves in the world, apart from being the largest manufacturer and exporter of goods.

With the CPC in power, China’s poverty has receded and the middle-class has become stronger with solid economic re-structuring throughout the country; previously only a feature of the country’s Eastern coast.

Professor Qin Gin, who is part of the teaching and research department of scientific socialism with the CPC Central Committee’s Party School, said that China is able to make full use of internal and external resources to achieve growth, while being globally integrated.

Experts are of the opinion that China will only thrive in the future due to its great market potential and strong political leadership.


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