Indian auto giant Maruti Suzuki might be in for more trouble, despite the fact that it is now set to increase its production at its Manesar Plant. About 546 dismissed workers at the plant will start a two day agitation, which is expected to begin on November 8, 2012. The workers were dismissed following violence at the plant, which resulted in the death of an employee.

The worker have created a seven-member provisional working committee, under the aegis of the non-functional Maruti Suzuki Worker’s Union. The representatives of the Gurgaon based Maruti Suzuki Udyog Kamgar Union, have indicated that they would join the protest rally on Thursday to express solidarity.

Om Prakash, who is a PWC member, said that the company has sacked 546 workers and around 150 of them are in jail. Prakash added that they will be going on a two-day hunger strike to protest against their dismissal, while workers inside the Manesar plant will join the hunger strike as well. However, they will continue production work.

The PWC member also added that they wanted all their dismissed colleagues to be reinstated and a proper unbiased inquiry be conducted into the incident.

The Haryana government had organised a Special Investigations Team to look into the matter. The team found that the earlier violence at the plant was caused due to internal conflict and no external sources were involved.


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