Apple Inc’s much awaited phone iPhone 5 entered the Indian market on November 2, 2012, amid much fanfare. However, the expectations from the phone in terms of sales was not very high, after past models have received average responses at earlier iPhone launches. The main issue that people in India face is with the pricing of the iPhone.

This time however, it was observed that the mood was different on the opening day itself. Recent reports have confirmed that the iPhone 5 is certainly the best received iPhone in the country so far.

Some reports claimed that about 10,000 to 15,000 units were shipped to the country and the entire lot is now sold out. Wall Street Journal said, “Apple’s service-provider partners in India and local mobile phone retailers are hoping fresh stock will be available for sale by the end of the week. In the meantime, they are taking early bookings for the next round of sales.”

The increase in demand was also indicated by Aircel, which reported that it sold out its stock in just two days. While Airtel reported a 78% jump in iPhone 5 pre-orders, as compared to the iPhone 4S. The main factor which contributes towards its strong sales is the way the iPhone 5 is being distributed. Limited supply is expected this week as well and prospective iPhone 5 buyers who have not pre-booked their phones are expected to see a sold out board for a while to come.


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