Chinese-based computer manufacturer Lenovo Group said that it has become the global market leader in consumer and notebook personal computers. The company has posted a 13% rise in its second quarter net profit.

The net profit for three months to the end of September rose to $162.1 million from $143.9 million a year earlier. The revenue of the company has gone up 11% to $8.67 billion, from $7.79 billion a year earlier.

The computing company said, “Lenovo became the worldwide number one consumer and notebook PC company in fiscal quarter two and remained as the largest PC company in emerging markets, including China”. The share of the overall PC market has reached a record high of 15.6 % in the month of July-Sept quarter.

The company has also managed to leave behind its rivals like US-based HP and Dell. Even the PC shipments of the company had gone up to 10% in the second quarter as compared to a year earlier, despite softening of the global demand. PC shipments across the world have been declining as consumer habits change and more people connect to the Internet through smartphones and tablets, instead of the inconvenient computers and laptops. According to research, Lenovo has 15.7 % of the overall PC market share.


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