India Against Corruption (IAC) activist Arvind Kejriwal has targeted Anu Tandon in his latest attack. Anu is close to general secretary Rahul Gandhi and has been named by Kejriwal as one of the holders of questionable Swiss Bank accounts, along with other big names such as Reliance brothers Anil and Mukesh Ambani. The names of Jet Airways owner Naresh Goyal was also dragged into the melee by the activist, saying that he operated through HSBC Bank, which is facilitating hawala transactions and money laundering in the country.

Tandon reacted to the allegations by saying that they are completely baseless and malicious. She also said that she denies all allegations made by Kejriwal. The IAC activist also added that the government is trying to protect the account holders instead of cracking down on them.

Kejriwal added, “The government of Manmohan Singh is a threat to the country’s sovereignty”. The activist also went on to say that HSBC Bank is a threat to India and that it can also channelize money for terrorism due to its illegal operations.

Arvind has demanded action against all the accused to be carried out by an honest official, he has also called for the closure of HSBC in India. The activist said that in December 2006, Mukesh and Anil Ambani had Rs. 100 crore each, while Anu Tandon has Rs. 125 crores.


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