Linda McMahon, a former WWE CEO, is the person to have been allegedly responsible for telling the New York Times about the “misleading statements” made by her opponent- US Senate Democrat candidate – Richard Blumenthal.

Linda McMohan

Kevin Rennie, a NYT reporter, has reportedly stated that Linda McMahon’s campaign has published the news in their newspaper. But on the other hand, states that “Blumenthal has criticized the news and called it an “outrageous distortion””.

According to, “The Blumenthal Bombshell comes at the end of more than two months of deep, persistent research by Republican Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign. It gave the explosive Norwalk video recording to The Times. This is what comes of $16 million, a crack opposition research operation and an opponent who … gave them the sword.”

Linda’s opponent is a Vietnam Veteran and if she is aware of it or not, this news is going to help him and the cause that he supports in a big way.


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