On November 12, 2012, a medical test confirmed that former Indian athlete Pinki Pramanik is in fact male and not female. After the medical test results were revealed, the former track athlete was charged with rape and cheating, under cases which had been filed by her live-in partner Anamika Acharya.

Pramanik was initially charged for raping her live-in girlfriend in June 2012. The athlete was taken into a 14 day judicial custody on June 15, 2012. Initial tests had claimed that Pinki was male, but Pramanik expressed disagreement, after which police ordered a separate test led by the government as a part of the judicial trial.

The medical team appointed for the test filed two preliminary reports based on ultrasonography and MRI tests which were conducted on the athlete. The reports said that Pinki had abnormal genitalia, but did not possess a male organ. Under such circumstances, the rape charges would not have been watertight.

Surprisingly, another examination which was conducted by a board of doctors at SSKM hospital in Kolkata said that the athlete is male by gender. Earlier, claims were made by Pinki’s live-in partner, who said that the athlete was actually male and alleged her of rape. Pinki was then made to undergo a gender determination test.


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