Information Technology giant Google launched their latest smartphone – Nexus 4, on November 13, 2012. Reports say that within just an hour of its release the smartphone sold out in some countries. The handset is manufactured by LG Electronics and features an elegant design with a good processor and camera.

The smartphone was made available at Google’s online Play Store where stocks quickly depleted. The company then posted a message for shoppers to leave their email addresses so that they can be alerted when stock is available. The device sold out in the US and the UK, according to reports.

The Nexus team, in a post on the Google + social network said, “There’s been so much interest for the Nexus lineup that we’ve sold out of some of our initial stock in a few countries”. The post added that they are working hard to add more Nexus devices to Google Play in the coming weeks to keep up with the high demand.

The smartphone was launched with a starting price of $299 but is not bound to any particular carrier due to which is it not subsidized by telecom companies.

According to the Play store page, the Nexus 4 has cutting edge hardware, the latest version of Android and the best Google apps.


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