Bollywood movie ‘Son Of Sardar’ starring Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha has started winning the hearts of the audience at the box office. Rohit Shetty has brought in a visual treat for movie goers this festive season with the new flick.

The movie opened with an impressive Rs. 10.72 crores across the country on the very first day of its release. Son Of Sardar (SOS) had 500 less theaters as compared to other big release during the festive season, but despite the lack of venues, the movie continues to rule the box office across the country even after Diwali.

Second day collections amounted to an astounding Rs. 16.21 crores, as the movie gets carried forward by Ajay Devgn and the Diwali season. For the makers of the movie it is definitely a celebratory time as the movie continues to enjoy success across territories like Punjab, Rajasthan, UP, Bihar, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Moreover, it was also observed that the headcount in theaters is on the higher scale for SOS as compared to other releases this season. People are flocking to any available screens to catch the massive entertainer.

It appears that the verdict is now out that audiences are looking for an over-the-top masala movie which makes them laugh, cry and feel for the characters. The movie is a typical Bollywood entertainer which has been made for the masses.


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