As the Christmas season fast approaches, Nintendo’s Wii U GamePad is all set to make its debut on November 18, 2012. The GamePad will make a great Christmas gift and here is why.

The Wii U allows for the unique possibility of asymmetric game-play, where each player can have their individual goals, challenges and views in a shared gaming environment. This is achieved by the television and Wii U GamePad working with two integrated screens.

The Wii U contains a networking communication feature known as Miiverse. Miiverse allows the gamers to share their experiences, discuss games and discover new content across the globe. With the help of their very own personalized Mii character, players can enter Miiverse and look out for games, applications or entertainment content.

In the Miiverse world, gamers can even challenge their friends to play together and ask a questions about tough levels, they can even discover new elements of their favorite games which they may not have come across earlier. In recent times the touch screen and motion controls of the Wii GamePad were redesigned and improved from its launch in the year 2011. Nintendo has also announced the availability of the Wii U Pro Controller as a separate peripheral.


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