After the much awaited launch of the Windows Phone platform, users are already complaining of battery issues as well as random reboots. The problems are not restricted to a particular device or manufacturer, as the users of the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 devices have also complained about the problems on various forums.

These problems are indicative that the issue may lie within the phone’s software, rather than the device itself. The Verge has stated that there are various forums where people have been complaining about Windows Phone issues. On one forum a user said, “I bought here in Prague where I am coming from black 8X on the launch day (1st of November) and so far within 3 days of use I had 2 random reboots. Device just suddenly reboots itself ending in PIN screen. Quite annoying, but not sure whether go for service or is it a software issue. Can you share if you have same experience. So far both reboots happened when in car connected to bluetooth.”

Several others have also complained about similar issues with their HTC 8X. Another HTC 8X user said that in the past few days he has experience several reboots and added that it is surely a software problem as the Nokia Lumia 920 people are also complaining about the same problem.


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