Japanese based auto manufacturer Nissan Motors has unveiled an upgraded Leaf electric car. The upgraded version of the Leaf can travel further without a recharge. There is a cheaper model available as well which also warns drivers as to how much battery life is left.

An official from Nissan said that their main worry was the consumption of electricity while driving. The improvements in the model were unveiled on November 20, 2012 and were based on feedback from owners of the last edition of the car.

These electric cars do not emit any pollution, but have to be recharged regularly. Although the owners of the Leaf have installation appliances at home which can be used to charge the car, due to the lack of recharging stations on the road, drivers are forced to make short trips only. This forces the zero-emission cars to be confined to local areas, making long journeys impossible.

The latest model of Leaf however, can travel up to 228 kms on a single charge, up from 200 kms as long as the users do not use air conditioning. Nissan said that the new improvements have been made by streamlining the battery system and the lighter weight of the new vehicles. In Japan, the vehicle will sell for less than 2.5 million yen without any fancy options and additional government green subsidiaries.


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