After winning the US presidential election for the second consecutive time, President Barack Obama had chalked out an Asian tour so as to meet up with fellow world leaders. However, the US President’s first post-election trip did not work out exactly as planned.

Obama had a chance to chalk out an improved foreign policy with a visit to Myanmar, as he was serious about improving US ties with other nations in China’s backyard. The president had also intended to go sightseeing in the naturally beautiful country.

Even though Obama had intended to make an impression on the Asia tour, he soon came face-to-face with the tough realities of what it would take to counter China’s influence in the region. Moreover, he also found his attention being constantly diverted back to the biggest hot spot in the world at the moment – the Middle East, where the Gaza crisis is raging.

Obama was also reminded of some big problems that he will have to face once he is back home – the year-end financial cliff, tax increases and spending cuts, which can shake the US economy and will also reverberate worldwide. Due to this, Obama’s three day tour which concluded on November 20, 2012 was more symbolic than meaningful. During his visit, President Obama also appealed to China and Japan to reduce tensions in the South China Sea.


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