Japanese based snacks manufacturers Calbee has announced a nationwide recall for all packets of their Kataage Potato chips on November 20, 2012. The company has recalled the crisps due to the serious issue of finding small pieces of broken glass in  chip packets.

There is a possibility that the broken glass pieces could have landed up in as many as 5.34 million bags, dating as far back as the end of July, 2012. The company admitted that the recall of the series of chips is unprecedented.

The issue came to light on November 17, 2012, when a complaint was issued by a high school student in the Western Kansai region of Japan and received minor cuts in the mouth after eating some chips. The company assured the nation that it has immediately called for an investigation into its packaging plant in the Konan Shiga Prefecture, where the recalled chips originated.

A possible cause for the incident was detected when it was discovered that a broken glass cover for lighting was positioned above a production line. The company said that only two flavors of the Kataage Potato line are sold in the Kansai region and the remaining flavors are sold across Japan.

People who have concerns or questions about the product can call the toll free number 0120-558570. The incident is similar to an incident that took place with McDonald’s, who received 130 complaints from customers in regards to getting cuts from the Olympic drinking glasses.


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