Thousands of people were taken hostage in Pakistan, after armed gunmen reportedly from the Taliban, attacked two mosques belonging to a minority Islamic group – Ahmadis – in Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore yesterday.

Relatives of the victims light candles in remembrance of their loved ones who died in the attack.

Reports say that the gunmen fired at two Ahmadi mosques in Lahore at around 1.45pm (Pakistan time), moments after the Friday prayers ended.

There have been three explosions and two policemen had initially been killed. However, the death toll then rose up to more than 80.

The Pakistani police had surrounded the two mosques and some sources say that the old, women and children have been permitted to leave, while the remaining people have been held hostage.

However, a lot of blood shed was seen in the mosque of the unsuspecting Ahmadis on Friday.

Pakistan’s leading rights group said the Ahmadi community had received many threats and were termed as non-Islamic. Pakistani officials blamed the attack on Islamic militant group Taliban.


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