Thanksgiving is a time when everyone likes to spend a cozy evening with family and friends, but there can be times when for some reason you need to be away from loved ones on a flight or at an airport somewhere. To help maintain the holiday spirit, some airlines and airports are now offering a traditional thanksgiving dinner for passengers.

The Hyatt Regency inside Orlando International Airport will be serving a mid-day Thanksgiving buffet for $ 32.95 per person. Whereas JetBlue spokesperson Tamara Young said that at Kennedy International airport passengers flying out of Terminal 5 will be able to purchase turkey dinners in the food court area. The price of the buffet will depend on what is on your plate, so you would need to think twice before piling on the food.

Thanksgiving Day passengers who are flying on South West Airlines will be served a complimentary alcoholic drink as well. The spokesperson of the airline said that the drink will be served to show their passengers how thankful they are for their patronage. Even Virgin America has a Holiday Turkey Sandwich on its ‘buy on board’ menu, which includes roasted turkey, sage stuffing, cranberry chutney, havarti cheese and herb spread, along with some chocolate for desert.


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