Harley Davidson has always been one of the biggest American luxury motorcycle brands. Now the Milwaukee-based bike manufacturer is planning on making India its hub for regional exports.

The iconic motorcycle manufacturer had set up an assembly line at Haryana in India roughly one and a half years ago and by the end of 2012, the company plans on returning growth sales of almost 50 percent, according to reports.

Other two-wheeler manufacturers are struggling in the Indian economy to post any decent returns, however the US-based chopper company does not seem affected. Issues such as spiraling fuel costs, rising interest rates and an overall slowdown of the economy is not seen as an issue by Harley Davidson.

Anoop Prakash, who is the MD for Harley Davidson in India said that in 2013 the company plans on targeting 2 and 3 tier cities such as Nagpur, Pune, Indore and Jaipur, as they have been receiving a lot of requests from such places. The brand has grown faster than expected in the country.

In order to address concerns among its Indian customers regarding long waiting periods for part shortages, Harley Davidson is planning on setting up a special-parts oriented centre in Singapore. This centre will service emerging Asian markets such as India and China.

With the bike company showing interest in Asia, the road ahead looks promising for all Harley Davidson aficionados and luxury motorcycle lovers in India and its surrounding countries as well.


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