A public campaign has been launched by the Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to conserve and rehabilitate waterways in Bangkok. The launch of the public campaign is part of her administration’s policy to protect the environment and prevent floods.

On November 22, 2012, the Prime Minister presided over a ceremony to launch the public campaign at the Prem Prachkorn Canal, which is used for storing raw water for the production of piped water in the capital. At the time, a letter of intent on the conversation and rehabilitation of the 50 km long Prem Prachakorn Canal was also signed. During the ceremony, effective microorganism balls or EM balls were thrown into the water to help improve its quality.

Yingluck also thanked all the ministers for their cooperation on conserving and rehabilitating waterways in accordance with to her government’s guidelines on flood prevention. The Prime Minister also noted that Thailand and water conservation have shared a rich history, with a total of 25 basins nationwide and more than 300 canals in Bangkok alone at present. All sectors of Thai society were invited to carry on the national move on conserving and rehabilitating waterways as a part of their livelihood. It was also pointed out that water sources and drainage is needed for the development of the country’s environmentally friendly tourists attractions.


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