The Brazilian Grand Prix brought the 2012 Formula One season to an end, with Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel becoming the youngest triple world champion at the age of 25. Although Vettel finished the race in 6th position, his overall standings fetched him the championship title.

It was a close race in Sao Paulo on November 25, 2012, with Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso pushing Vettel throughout the race. Alonso too is a two-time world champion and was also in contention to win the crown for the third time. The race itself was tough, with constant weather and track changes. It was Jenson Button from McLaren Mercedes who won the race, but everyone was glued onto the championship deciding positioning of Alonso and Vettel.

The track had a few demons in it, with light rain causing the cars to slip and slide throughout the day, posing tremendous challenges for the drivers. Vettel was struck from behind early on in the race by Bruno Senna and found himself at the back of the pack. He then proceeded to claw his way back into the race and secured a high enough position the win the championship.

With the win, Vettel became only the third driver in history to win the championship three times. He slots in after Juan Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher, both of whom are legends of the sport. After the win Vettel said that it was difficult to find the right words, as everything that could go wrong in the race did go wrong.


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