India’s ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd (ICICI Prudential Life) has announced today ‘Living Your Passion’– a retirement based social media initiative on Facebook, which has reportedly crossed 25,000 members in a short span of time.


‘Living Your Passion’ is a social media initiative that encourages people to talk about their passion and what they would like to do once they retire. It also provides a platform for like minded people to share their knowledge and encourage their passion.

In an endeavor to look at the whole retirement process in a new light, ICICI Prudential Life introduced this new campaign to seed a thought in the mind of the audience, that retirement is a phase of life where one can follow his true passion. However for a new thought to be seeded firmly in the mind of the consumer it is important to engage him over a period of time and not just during the campaign period. This gave birth to the idea: “Create a platform for people with similar passions to meet, discuss, share and form a profitable association”.

The manifestation of the idea was to use the new age communication revolution – Social Media to create the required platform.

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