Google customers who were earlier waiting for the Nexus 4 smartphone, recently received an email that the phone will be shipping this week. However, there wasn’t any information about the shipping details, which made the information vague. Another email then informed prospective buyers that the Nexus 4 would go on sale at 12 pm PST on November 27, 2012.

So far the search engine company has lacked transparency with its customers and the media; this has caused people to lose a bit of confidence in the company. It appears that there is going to be great demand for the unlocked smartphone which has been priced at $300. People are now wondering if the PlayStore will be able to handle the demand for the device and whether the back-ordered phones will be able to make it to customers.

Prospective customers who had pre-ordered the device had not received shipping information about their phones and after several attempts to find out more, they received a shocker that the Google Play Store is not even handling demand for phones which are supposed to ship in four-to-five weeks.

Despite frustrated status updates and complaints from customers, it appears that Google has not learnt a lesson and are still operating an unreliable buying process.


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