Chief minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud of the Sarawak government in Malaysia said that serious action actions might be taken against individuals and non-governmental organizations for organizing negative actions in the state in order to gain global attention.

Taib said, “Such systematic campaigns which try to prevent a small developing economy from growing is tantamount to economic sabotage, thus warrant a serious response from the government”. The chief minster could be referring to the NGOs and individuals who are trying to get foreign support in order to stop the construction of 12 controversial dams in Sarawak. However, Taib did not name anyone in particular.

Taib said that he does not support individuals and organizations that try to twist the truth by applying questionable logic to situations, thereby misleading the people. He also said that even though the country was democratic he was not interested in people who try to discredit a legitimate government or an individual.

The chief minister said that certain NGO’s were trying to procure foreign investment for their own protests and that the government will be going ahead with the construction of the Murum dam. The construction of the damn is being opposed by the Penans in Belaga district.


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