People who are conscious of their complexion, or are worried about skin problem now have something to look forward to. Now, keeping a watch on the health of your skin can be as easy as tapping on your smartphone. A new mobile phone and program has been designed which helps to keep a check on skin conditions like blemishes and colour.

Hada Memori, which means Skin Memory is a program which will allow women to keep a track on their complexion and track changes to skin over time, by storing records in the cloud. Moreover, if a user is comfortable enough, then they can also share this information on social networking sites as well with the application.

IT giant Fujitsu said that it is planning to use the technology to target and advertise beauty products. While talking about the technology, a spokesperson said that the phone has a 15-millimeter hole, which has to be pressed against the users cheek. The camera of the smartphone then takes a picture, after which the system analyses the results.

The Hada Memori is also one of the first devices which will also help analyse the user’s stress levels, exercise levels and quality of sleep. This will help the company to gather a significant pool of health data. In the next two years, Fujitsu aims to have at least one million users on the new system.


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