Japanese based premiere research company Rakuten Research Inc. said that it is all set to launch a new online marketing research community service. The new service makes use of social networking services known as Social Research, beginning from December 17, 2012.

The online marketing research company also known as MROC is a community which makes use of social networking services or SNS for market research purposes. Market research companies in Japan set up by research companies mostly involve a small number of consumers in the range of 50 to 100, for a short period of time – typically one month.

The Rakuten’s Social Research aims at a new market research service that will utilize a community of well-established companies, mostly those that have been around for longer than four months. It also involves a larger number of participants, ranging from 500 to several thousand in number.

Moreover, Social Research can also be made use of to usher in greater marketing initiatives. In other words, it can help to establish an online community which consists of consumers, company staff and moderators and then use a wide range of methods which includes discussions, surveys and live chats, to obtain high quality consumer information. It can also be used as a marketing platform to gather ideas from consumers for opportunities.


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