A survey of cities across the world by global consultancy Mercer has shown that Bangalore is the best Indian city to lead a quality life, leaving behind other metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. This is mostly attributed to the good number of high-ranked international schools in Bangalore.

Ranked at number 139 in Mercer’s 2012 Quality of Living index, Bangalore may be ahead of the major Indian cities of New Delhi (143), Mumbai (146), Chennai (150) and Kolkata (151), but none of these cities featured in the top 100 of the list. The cities at the top of the list were Vienna, Zurich, Auckland, Munich and Vancouver respectively. Haiti (219), Central African republic (220) and Baghdad (221) are some names at the bottom of the list

Surprisingly, the Silicon Valley of India was ranked at the 170th position (last) among Indian cities in terms of infrastructure, whereas Mumbai got the top spot with a rank of 134, followed by Kolkata (141), New Delhi (153) and Chennai (168).  Globally, Singapore ranks the highest in terms of sound infrastructure, whereas Port-au Prince secures the last spot.

These surveys are conducted annually by Mercer in order to aid MNCs while compensating their employees appropriately, when placing them on international assignments.


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