Paul Watson, the militant conservationist said that he is back on board the Sea Shepherd vessel and is ready to face Japanese whalers once again. Watson is wanted by Interpol and his whereabouts have not been known since the month of July, 2012, when he jumped bail in Germany.

The conservationist was arrested in Germany on the charges of stemming from a high seas confrontation over shark finning in 2002. This season the white-bearded captain will be involved against Japan’s whaling operations. Watson even confirmed in a statement that he is back in action.

The activist said on December 5, 2012, “The deck of the Steve Irwin is again under my feet. I have an awesome crew and our ship is on course for Antarctica.” The Sea Shepherd tries to harass Japanese whaling fleets to prevent them slaughtering whales. It was earlier thought that the ship would journey northward to head off the harpooner’s, but they went south instead and thereby mislead coastguards. Watson also said that it had been a long four-month journey from Germany.

Japanese whale hunting has been disrupted for years by Watson and his crew, who was arrested in Germany in the month of May, 2012 for extradition to Costa Rica over the shark finning incident. Watson added that the charges are politically motivated.


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