Typhoon-hit Philippines will be receiving RM 350,000 in relief aid from the Malaysian government. The Asian country has been hit by a powerful typhoon known as Bopha, which has now left 500 dead. The typhoon hit the southern part of Philippines on December 4, 2012, leaving the country is the state of panic as over 400 people are still missing.

A. Kohilan Pillay, who is the Deputy Foreign Minister for Malaysia said that the country will be sending 13 tonnes of aid to Philippines on December 7, 2012. The aid will be sent along with a special team consisting of members of the Armed Forces and the National Security Council.

TUDM Subang has been selected as the site for the establishment of a disaster emergency stockpile, which has been put into place by Pillay. The Deputy Foreign Minister said that Malaysia hopes that the humanitarian aid being provided will help ease the suffering being faced by the victims of Typhoon Bopha.

Apart from human casualties, business in the Asian country has been affected as well. The executive director of the Philipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association Stephen Antig said that an estimated USD 171 million worth of bananas have been destroyed by the natural disaster. The bananas belonged mostly to the plantations under Dole Food Company Inc and Del Monte Pacific Ltd.


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