recently conducted a poll which said that 64 percent of Singaporeans know of someone who returned pregnant from a vacation. The survey was conducted from December 3, 2012 – December 5, 2012 and was based on a sample size of more than 400 respondents from across the Asia-Pacific region.

A press statement said that while the world is abuzz with the news of the royal couple Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby on the way, it was no surprise that the good news came after the couple had returned from a holiday. There were speculations that Kate became pregnant while they were travelling throughout Southeast Asia.

Apart from the figures from Singaporeans about holiday romance, comparatively just less than half (which is about 47%) of the respondents in the Asia Pacific also indicated the same. Moreover, 14 percent of the Singaporeans return from their holidays with a baby, as compared to a little more than 1 in 10 (which is 12%) of the travelers in Asia Pacific. Zoe Chan, the Senior PR manager of Asia Pacific said that it looks like the baby making moons might be the new holiday trend. Chan also said that for many couples, the holidays are a rare opportunity to have some quality time together.


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